Thursday, April 1, 2010

Summer is Here if even for a Day

     I am sitting in my backyard in my beach chair because it was the one most handy. It is 22 degrees and the sun is shining and all of the birds are awake. I was so warm I had to go in and put my shorts and t-shirt on. Two of our three cats have ventured outside. This will be the first time for them. We moved into this house last September. They are very comfortable here now. Rudy has always been the most adventurous. He is chasing flies and investigating everything. Eva the kitten is not as adventurous. 
     Chubby came out which is a real surprise but he went back into the house to lay in his chair for his nap. I am sure we will see him later.
     This is the best day. All of the windows are open, the breeze sifts in and I can hear Diana Krall's voice in the background. This is heaven on earth. I can hear the grackles, starlings, sparrows, red-winged blackbirds, the chickadees and the robins.
Love Always Kim

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