Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pink Christmas Ideas

These are some of the pictures I have collected for myself for inspiration.
 Pink and Silver Mercury Glass

 7.5 Foot Pre-lit Tree

 Pink Glass Ornaments and ribbon in a Tea cup

 Pink Chargers, aren't they wonderful.

 Crystal and Pink Rose Decorations

 Teacups with votive candles.

 Pink Roses in a Silver Bowl.

 Pink, Gold and Silver Glass Ornament Wreath.

 Pink Glass Ornaments in a Silver Bowl.

 Pink Roses, Berries, Bows
and an Angel Wreath.

I hope you enjoyed all of the pink.

Love Always,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter arrived Today

     This morning we woke to the sound of plows on the main street. The wind blew most of the night. There was a winter snow squall warning in effect until today. The winds on Lake Huron were to carry the moisture across the lake and give us a lot of snow. We did not get the snow predicted. Our yard was only dusted and our roads are bare and wet. When the wind howls across the lake it always makes me feel so cold. The lake is such a beautiful blue most of the year; but when the winter arrives it is cold and green and the white caps beat the shore. 
     I have seen a lot of owls lately, on the fence posts, perching high in the trees and one day on the telephone wire as I was driving on the highway. I caught a glimpse of a Junco with its beautiful grey feathers. We only see them when the weather gets cold. Our cats went out to play in the little bit of snow first thing. Now they are curled up sleeping and keeping warm. It is a good day to stay close to the fire with a warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around my toes.
Love Always,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Today this lovely picture is posted on Amy's "Maison Decor" site. You can see more at She is having a Romantic Style Giveaway. 
 I love this bedroom as well. So romantic. It would be so relaxing to spend time in this room. It would make me feel like a princess.
 A hint of pink for your living room? The draperies puddle on floor, the large
mirror catches the light and a 
touch of gold is perfect.
 A pink dining room.

Have a wonderful pink day.
Love Always,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Preparations for the Holiday

     Our leaves are raked but not yet gone. It is only the branches that blow in the wind now. I have been thinking about Christmas. It is not that far away. The stores are starting to display wonderful decorations. We have a blue spruce tree in our front yard. I suggested that we decorate it before the cold is upon us. We saw the sun briefly this morning. It soon gave way to the clouds of grey that fill our skies so often. The wind whistles in the large evergreens at the side of our house and I shiver with the thought of the snow that will surely come soon.
      For me Christmas time is full of memories of Christmas past. When I was seven years old Santa came to visit my brother and me to ask what we wanted. He came to our home, right upstairs into our bedroom. We were amazed. I asked him for a Barbie doll. When Santa left we both jumped from our beds and ran to every window on the second floor looking for his sleigh and the reindeer. We were so excited we could hardly sleep. I received the Barbie doll as my present and that assured me that Santa was real. Years later I learned that my father's cousin had dressed up to play Santa that night. I will never forget it.

     Christmas is family, shortbread, the smell of turkey, Christmas pudding, skating and driving to see the twinkling lights on neighbourhood homes. I have already set my dining table to see how the Christmas table will look; just a dry run. We will put up our tree in December and I want to make a wreath for our front door this year. I found this picture of a beautiful wreath. This could be my inspiration. 

Love Always,