Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Snow Is Here

This is the front of our house this morning. I woke to all of this on the ground. The plough was by during the night. I sure hope that they are going to come and clear the sidewalks.

 This is our backyard. I can see a fallen branch in front of the pond. Although in this picture it would be difficult to see where the pond is. It was snowing when I took the pictures early this morning and the lens on the camera caught the snowflakes falling. I think that some fresh baked scones and a couple pots of tea are in order today. The cats were all at the window wondering what all that white stuff is. Only Chubbie and Rudy have been in the snow before. This is a first for Emry, Stewart and Eddie.

Have a wonderful day!
Love Always,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dining Room Inspiration

When I found this picture I knew that I had come across something that I could really use. This room could be any colour but what I really like is that our dining room and the furniture we have could look very similar to this picture. Our dining room is not large. We have a small window at one end with the buffet sitting directly across the room. The double pedestal table has one armchair and five side chairs. My china cabinet is tucked in the corner near the window. We are in the midst of some renovations.
When the renovations are complete I can choose a paint colour for the walls and get painting. The living room, large hall and dining room are connected and situated in the front of the house.

I would like this kind of mirror hanging over the buffet. I have a pair of crystal lamps that sit on the buffet as well as my tea service.

Of course no dining room would be complete without pink flowers. these peonies are perfect. Have a great day.

Love Always,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Dream Breakfast Room

I just found this picture and it illustrates nicely how I would like my breakfast room to look. I have a dining suite that belonged to my Great Aunt and Uncle. I have had it for many years. It has fit nicely in every home that I have ever had. I have always wanted to paint it. I want to paint it white. Our breakfast room is on the back of our house and the sun streams in the windows and garden door most mornings. It is a wonderful place to sit and have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our cats love to sit with us. This is where I enjoy my tea every morning (hubby his coffee) and this is where we sit when we are working on our laptops.
I have an old radio cabinet which is now storage for some of my dishes, my CD's and important papers that have no other home at the moment. It will look great once it is painted.
My second favourite colour is pink. I have pink Depression glass dishes, dishes with pink trim, dishes with roses and many pink teacups with roses. I will happily use all of these in my breakfast room.
Have a "Wonderful Pink Day".

Love Always,