Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our New Furry Baby

     This is our new cat. His name is Fluff and he is a Norwegian Forest cat. He is very gentle and he fit in with our other cats almost immediately. We were not planning on another cat. We had tried so hard to find all the kittens good homes.
     Just before Christmas he was sitting on our back porch looking to be fed. We feed Smokey but he prefers to stay outdoors. He is the father of all of the kittens. They must talk to each other in their neighbourhood travels because all of a sudden there were cats we had never seen before in our backyard wanting to be fed.
     One day as my husband opened the front door he walked right and and made himself comfortable and he has not left. Isn’t he beautiful. I guess he adopted us. Please excuse the look of the kitchen we are still in the process of renovating. The door we had installed between the kitchen and the dining room I found in the garage. It was in bad shape. I am just waiting for the warmer weather so that I can get at some badly needed projects. Everything takes time in our home. Have a great weekend.

Love Always,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thinking of Spring

     I wanted to share this lovely vintage fairy picture with you. Hopefully "Spring" is just around the corner. I miss the flowers and the scent of the warm breezes. We have not had a cold winter or a lot of snow but the time seems endless. I long for the sun shining on me making me feel so warm and protected. I hear the birds outside and I even saw our resident Starling checking out the hole in our tree that has served as their nest the last two years.
     Our family has grown over the winter. We have another cat; he showed up just before Christmas and walked in the front door and he has never left. He is so beautiful. He coat is soft shades of grey with tufts between his toes. His tail is large and fluffy and he has a beautiful mane. He is a Norwegian Forest cat. He settled in and all the other cats treat him like one of the family. He is very gentle and he has not asked to go outside once since he got here.
     I am anxious to see the flowers bloom. I can see the buds on our trees. Soon the leaves will unfold and surround our yard and once again it will be our oasis.

      Our home is a work in progress and we have may things to do but our yard is great. The trees that line the property are years old and the pine trees right beside the house can be seen from the top of town. We are hoping to install a new sliding door on the main level and decide on building a deck or installing a patio. One of these days there will be a second floor deck. The sliding door on the second level is our master bedroom.
     Everything takes time.

Love Always,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

May all your dreams come true

Love Always,