Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our New Furry Baby

     This is our new cat. His name is Fluff and he is a Norwegian Forest cat. He is very gentle and he fit in with our other cats almost immediately. We were not planning on another cat. We had tried so hard to find all the kittens good homes.
     Just before Christmas he was sitting on our back porch looking to be fed. We feed Smokey but he prefers to stay outdoors. He is the father of all of the kittens. They must talk to each other in their neighbourhood travels because all of a sudden there were cats we had never seen before in our backyard wanting to be fed.
     One day as my husband opened the front door he walked right and and made himself comfortable and he has not left. Isn’t he beautiful. I guess he adopted us. Please excuse the look of the kitchen we are still in the process of renovating. The door we had installed between the kitchen and the dining room I found in the garage. It was in bad shape. I am just waiting for the warmer weather so that I can get at some badly needed projects. Everything takes time in our home. Have a great weekend.

Love Always,


  1. Hi Kim,
    WOW, I love Fluff..I would have kept him too, or should I have said I would have let him keep me..haha..he is a beauty. I think animals have a sense when they know they are welcomed or not. You are very kind and they sense it!
    Have a great weekend my friend..

  2. Oh he is just so self satisfied. I love cats, I thinks maybe because they have such strong personalities. You had better believe they will spread the news that there is some one that puts out food in the neighborhood. Sometimes I think they have a better gossip grapevine than we do. LOL Please hug him once for me. He reminds me of a cat we had about 30 yrs ago.