Friday, November 21, 2014

The Cottage

This is one end of the living room. The floors are new and they look like barn wood and have a matte finish on them. The chair under the window belonged to my grandmother. The upholstery matches the colour on the walls. It is a soft pale green with grey in it. I love the colour.
The little pie crust tea table beside my chair is a bargain from a garage sale. I refinished just this summer. I am very pleased how it turned out. That is my tea wagon which was a birthday gift. There are two cane armchairs. I am going to remove the seat and paint the wood white like the trim in the cottage. I also want to paint my coffee table. We use it a lot and I would like to brighten it up.

The loveseat has seen better days with four cats in the house but it is comfortable. I thought I would make a slipcover for it as there is nothing wrong with the couch it just needs a new look. The new floor extends into the kitchen and just beside the refrigerator you can see the light coming in our side door.

Here is one side of the kitchen. I put my hutch in the kitchen thinking this was the logical place for it. After having lived here for a little more than a month I realized that it need to be in our living room. I was using an old mahogany radio stand as a coffee station. My husband loves his coffee. The radio stand was just not big enough to be efficient so I move the hutch to the living room. It holds both coffee machines, all the coffee and I can display our nice mugs and cups and saucers.
The ceiling fans are coming down soon. There are actually two of them in the kitchen. I have two chandeliers to hang. One of them is going to hang over the table.
The louvered door is my pantry cupboard. I love it. It holds our food, baking supplies, canned goods, pots and pans. Need I say more. It is wonderful
I was so happy that I was able to put my little drop leaf table in the kitchen. I rely on it so much when making pizza, bread and for serving meals.
I have a lot of painting to do in the spring. Both the table and the hutch will get a makeover when the weather warms up again. I am going to be busy.

Here is the table in the kitchen. As you can see I do not have any curtains up as yet. I have my curtains from the house but I have just not decided on the rod type. That is Chubby posing at the entry to the living room.

I am really loving the gas stove. I have never cooked on gas before. The range hood is old and gross and not vented to the outside. It is going to have to come down. The little cupboard above the stove will have to be moved up so that I can get a new microwave in there. I am not that tall so it is a real reach for me to use the old one that is on top of the fridge. It is not convenient but it will do for now.

The best part of the cottage is the gas fireplace. Now that the snow is coming down it is appreciated even more. Hope you are having a lovely day.

Love Always,