Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Friend from Australia

     I have just had the most wonderful visit with a friend that lives in South Wales, Australia. She has just come back to Canada to see family and friends after a seven year absence. We had a wonderful afternoon and evening, reminiscing, talking, telling jokes and laughing. I can tell you that laughter really is the best medicine. It is amazing how you don't see someone for an extended period of time and you are able to carry on from where you left off the last time.  Friendship has no barriers.
     We had a lovely dinner and enjoyed time in the backyard before she had leave. She is on her way today back home. There are a few places that I would love to visit in the world and Australia is one of them. 
     This morning we have rain again. The cats have all been out and come back in for their morning nap. The beach is not in the plans. The lawn will not get cut either. That leaves housework and there is always lots of that

Love Always Kim