Saturday, June 27, 2015

Progress in the Kitchen

I have hung my shelf and mirror frame on the wall in the kitchen. A few weeks ago I picked up a mirror for FREE at the end of somebody's driveway. What a score! It is a fairly large mirror and I could probably fit three frames with a piece of mirror.
My mother gave me the frame but I wasn't sure where it would look best. So I took up to the attic at the house and there it sat until we moved into the cottage. It did not take me long before I found the perfect place to hang it. I have finally found a place that cuts glass and mirror professionally so I will be off to see them at the beginning of the week. Here is the before.

Here is the after picture. I just took this a few moments ago. I am so pleased with how it looks. I can hardly wait for Monday morning to come. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

You can see the carved pieces of the frame now. Before the colour of the frame was so dark it was hard to see. I think I will take the cover of the thermostat off the wall and paint it white as well. It seems to stick out like a sore thumb. I will also have to dob a little paint on the screw heads so they will disappear. 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend. It is overcast and cool again so I am taking advantage of this weather to get some jobs done around the house.

Love Always,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June, how did that happen?

These are the lilacs that I just brought in from the front yard this morning. They are such a gorgeous colour. My lilacs in the past have been white or lilac colour. These look stunning in the yard. I took the picture just as the sun was shining through the living room window. As I sit on the front porch I can look right at the lilac bush. It has been well maintained. I have one tree in the front yard and one in the backyard beside the garden shed.

Last week I found some Lily-of-the-valley beside the garden shed and picked 3 stems to put beside my bed. Just 3 little stems and the whole room smells amazing for days. Lily-of-the-valley loves the soil under the pine trees.

I finally got the numbers up on the house post that we installed. We live in a remote area and do a lot of online shopping so we really want UPS, Purolator and everyone else to be able to find us. While is was working on painting the post I painted the numbers on the porch railing. They look like new but nobody will see them. Nobody looks for numbers to be on the cottages around here because most of the properties have the cottages set back from the road.

These are the little painting jobs that I have been working on. I have a pretty ornate mirror frame that my mother gave to me. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a free piece of mirror that someone left at the bottom of their driveway. It is a very large piece of mirror.  I can take to the hardware and have them cut it the right size for my frame and have mirror left over. The shelf with the brackets attached is going on the kitchen wall along with my mirror. The other smaller shelf is going above the stove to hold my olive oil, salt and things like that.

This past weekend was cold and rainy. It is such a nice day and this week promises sunshine and warmer temperatures. I hope you are enjoying your day.

Love Always,