Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hutch for the Kitchen

Here is my new hutch for the kitchen. I finally found a piece of furniture the right size and the right price for my kitchen. It is going to sit on the outside wall between the stove and the fridge. This is how it looked before I picked it up. It looked very sad and unloved. It needs some TLC, a bath, some primer, paint, new hardware and possibly some of that paintable wallpaper for behind the shelves. The only thing that I will have to move for this to fit between the appliances is the microwave; I want the microwave to sit above my stove anyway.
I have been looking for the right hutch for months. I wanted to have a hutch so that I can keep my tea things right beside the stove. I have room for the cat food, cat treats and paper products underneath and I will be able to display some of my lovely things on the shelves which are carefully tucked away at the moment. This was the start to my week. I will take pictures as I go along so that you can see the metamorphosis. Have a great day.

Love Always,