Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Snow Is Here

This is the front of our house this morning. I woke to all of this on the ground. The plough was by during the night. I sure hope that they are going to come and clear the sidewalks.

 This is our backyard. I can see a fallen branch in front of the pond. Although in this picture it would be difficult to see where the pond is. It was snowing when I took the pictures early this morning and the lens on the camera caught the snowflakes falling. I think that some fresh baked scones and a couple pots of tea are in order today. The cats were all at the window wondering what all that white stuff is. Only Chubbie and Rudy have been in the snow before. This is a first for Emry, Stewart and Eddie.

Have a wonderful day!
Love Always,

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  1. Is this the first snow of the season? We had a Nor'ester in October...tons of snow..too much for my liking..we have been mild ever since..I'm sure what you have will soon be in my yard too..very nice pictures..makes me like snow (in someone else's yard LOL)
    Stay warm and enjoy the tea and scones...