Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter arrived Today

     This morning we woke to the sound of plows on the main street. The wind blew most of the night. There was a winter snow squall warning in effect until today. The winds on Lake Huron were to carry the moisture across the lake and give us a lot of snow. We did not get the snow predicted. Our yard was only dusted and our roads are bare and wet. When the wind howls across the lake it always makes me feel so cold. The lake is such a beautiful blue most of the year; but when the winter arrives it is cold and green and the white caps beat the shore. 
     I have seen a lot of owls lately, on the fence posts, perching high in the trees and one day on the telephone wire as I was driving on the highway. I caught a glimpse of a Junco with its beautiful grey feathers. We only see them when the weather gets cold. Our cats went out to play in the little bit of snow first thing. Now they are curled up sleeping and keeping warm. It is a good day to stay close to the fire with a warm fuzzy blanket wrapped around my toes.
Love Always,


  1. Dear Kim, I'm so cold just looking at the picture..we had snow flurries and just cold air..not looking forward to the long cold, snowy winter that lays ahead.
    Think warm summmer thoughts!

  2. Lovely photo - I'd like to hear some stories about where you're from.