Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Weather

    We are back to normal spring weather. It is bright and sunny today but it is not very warm. After a few days of 24 and 26 degrees you get spoiled. We just have such a long winter that the slightest taste of nice weather and people are out in their gardens and sitting on patios having their coffee. It is a long time to stay indoors. I have often thought it would be nice to live somewhere warm but Christmas certainly would not be the same. I spent one Christmas in Florida and that was enough for me. Maybe if I lived in that kind of climate all the time it would be different.
     I have not done any work in the pond in the last few days. I am excited with the prospect of having a working pond. I have a big pile of leaves, branches and vines at the end of the yard that I must get rid of. That is what I get for all of my hard work. It is great to have the backyard. I really enjoy spending time there. The trees look different every day. I have seen a junco, heard cardinals and watched a hawk soaring above the pine trees. He was so close that I heard the swoosh of his wings. I really love being able to live in a small town.

Love Always Kim

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  1. Hi, Kim! Thanks for visiting my "metamorphosis" post. That is a real fireplace in our master bedroom - best decision ever. It's in the place where I want to be warm, my bedroom. Also, very relaxing. You should put one in your bedroom! :)