Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Fish Pond

     I have been working on my fish pond. There are no fish in it at the moment. I started by cleaning the rock garden around the edge of the pond. I  raked all the dead leaves and branches, took out all the weeds and then I had to remove another dead bush. I started taking the water out. I wanted to get as much water out as possible. I found a huge piece of slate in the middle of the pond. There is a build up of dirt, decayed leaves and sand at the bottom. So far the liner appears to be in good shape. I will continue tomorrow removing the remaining water. I am hoping that if I remove enough water I will be able to climb into the pond with my rubber boots on and be able to get the rest of the muck out.
     The pond is a fair size. I have not actually measured it but it is approximately 4' by 8'. I want to put some goldfish, waterlilies and some tadpoles in the water. We have a lot of slate that would make a small patio  at the end of the pond. I would like to make some glass candle holders to place around the pond. It would be a wonderful place to sit on warm summer evenings and drink in the atmosphere.
     It is a beautiful day. The temperature is 17.8 degrees. I started working early in the yard this morning. I am very pleased with all that I accomplished. I raked some more of the lawn, I picked up branches and I cut dead vines off the side fence.
     Rudy was sitting at the back door. He loves to be outside when we are in the yard. He just sat and cried for the longest time. He came out for a  while. He doesn't go very far. He was having such fun chasing the flies. He even had his eye on a bird. He was stalking it but I don't know if he would ever catch anything. He is almost 2 and this is his first experience.

Love Always Kim

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