Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Pond Garden

I think that Spring is finally here in our northern climate. We have one little primrose in the garden around our pond. The periwinkle is blooming and the curly leaves are wild violets. We have a number of different Hostas as well but they have only just pushed up threw the soil. My lilac bushes have tiny pale green leaves starting to grow. Lilacs are one of my favourites. I can hardly wait to be able to bring some in for a bouquet on the table.
Neighbours gardens have daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in bloom. I love the little Grape Hyacinths the most.

This is Emry. He is one of our new kittens. His is on a lead because he has a problem. He is very unsteady on his feet; sometimes he falls over. We decided to keep him because it would not be far to put him up for adoption like the other kittens. I could not bear to think that someone else would not take really good care of him. We will not be able to let him in the backyard like the other cats. I would be afraid that something might get him and he would not be able to run to safety.

Here he is in my husband's arms. Such a lovely fellow. I feel very protective of him. He has an old soul and I am sure he is here to teach us something; perhaps love conquers all.

Love Always,

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