Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue is for Me

I found this picture last night. Isn't this gorgeous? This is how I would like my breakfast room to look. I really love this kind of decor. The blue is so luscious. I love the molding on the walls. This room is fit for a queen. The French trumeau mirror is wonderful. This would be a perfect place to sit and read or to have friends in for a cup of tea. I am still collecting inspiration for my decorating projects. Everyday it seems there are beautiful decor pictures everywhere.
We are still looking for a home for one of our kittens. We have 6 more babies. They are two weeks old today. Their little ears are beginning to open and they are also opening their eyes. They are such sweet little balls of fur. They are becoming more mobile by the day. We have mum (Eva) and the babies in a box in our bedroom. Every once in a while you hear a little squeal; they don't really meow yet.
It is cold and grey here again today. We have had rain, wind and grey skies. One of these days soon we will be able to sit in our yard and enjoy it without a jacket on. Well at least it is spring jackets instead of winter jackets that we have to wear.
I need to find myself a nice spring jacket. I would like something blue, perhaps denim. I am not one to spend a lot of money so I will be going to the second-hand places to see what I can find.
Hubby bought some beautiful looking steaks for us yesterday at our local grocer. He is going to cook them on the barbeque tonight. We will have some salad and perhaps a baked potato and I will be in heaven. Even though it is very cold here in the winter, hubby dons his parka and barbeques for us all of the time. He is so good. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love Always,


  1. I love your inspiration picture!! It's gorgeous.It's pouring rain here too.I can't wait for some warm weather.


  2. We are having day after day of rain..sure is nice for the lawn ...but it's keeping me from the graden and my Lilacs....
    Love this room too. I could sit there all day and be very happy.

  3. Such a stunning room, it shows perfectly how blue doesn't have to feel cold - it can feel cosy or airy with the right shades and some neutral warmth :-)

    Your kittens sound gorgeous!!

    Jem xXx