Friday, May 27, 2011

The New Babies

Here are some pictures of the new kittens. They are so precious. Eva as always is an excellent mother. She has moved the kittens twice since they were born. At the moment they are in my laundry room. They are out of the way, where it is dark and quiet and I guess she thinks that they will be safe there. They sure do a lot of sleeping and they can make a lot of noise if Eva is not within range. They all have blue eyes just like human babies. That will change soon. It is hard to believe how much they have grown already. They scamper about and tumble with their siblings and their little tales stick straight up in the air. They are so funny. At the moment we have 12 cats in the house. That is a lot of cats. My husband says "What do we have here?" "I reply it is a catastrophe." It is just a joke. We love all of them dearly.
It has been very cool and grey here lately. We have received a lot of rain in the last few days. I am praying for some sun. It is impossible to do yard work in the rain. We had a major thunderstorm the other night. The two things that I can say about the rain; it has made everything very green and we get a free car wash. 
Our seasons change very quickly. It often seems that one day it is winter and the next day summer arrives. I am looking forward to eating outside in the yard, enjoying the shade of our beautiful trees and having sandals on my feet. As soon as the weather is nice we will head to the beach. We try and spend as much time at the beach as possible. We take lunch or dinner, a radio or maybe a new magazine or book and our blankets and chairs. I can hardly wait to dip my toes in the water again. This year I really must remember to take the camera. We always manage to see something that we would like to photograph.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Love Always,

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  1. OMG are they not the cutest, fuzziest, sweetest bunch!!! Have fun with all the new babies. :)