Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Colours

We took a trip to Southampton on Monday. You can see my hubby digging out the car. He had to do a bit of shoveling before we could get the car out. The roads were not very nice. It was cold and very windy. While he was busy I drove down to the lake to take a look. I held fast to the door as I got out of the car to take the second picture. The lake was icy green and the sky was a lonesome grey. The waves were lashing the shore. I wanted to take a walk but it was just too windy. We did our chores as quickly as possible so that we could get back home to the warmth and a pot of tea. 
Rudy was sitting on the printer inside the door waiting for us. He is just like a puppy. He follows me everywhere I go. He sits in the room where we are. He loves to talk and these days he says it is much to cold to venture into the backyard. I don't blame him. 
Our little one is not so little these days. She is pregnant and judging by the size of her stomach she will give birth any day. "Christmas kittens", how wonderful.

Eva doesn't look very small in this picture. She was curled up in the chair beside the window. She sleeps on a blanket we gave to her last Christmas. It is black fleece with  white paw prints all over it. I took the picture looking down at her, I must admit it looks a little strange.
I am thankful to be inside where it is warm and dry.
Love Always,

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