Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

It is the day after Christmas, the meal has been eaten and the gifts are unwrapped. It happens so fast. It takes hours, days and weeks even to prepare for this one day. When I was a child I was excited and found it hard to sleep on Christmas Eve. There were no worries about food or family. We had food and family was always around. 
Then I moved out on my own and made my first turkey. I wanted everything to be perfect. Children came into my life and I made Christmas for them. What a delight to watch their eyes light up when they saw the tree on Christmas morning with its sparkle and lights and shining ornaments. They knew that there was a present under that tree with their name on it. It was their turn to feel the excitement. 
At the end of the day we have our memories. I cherish my memories. I am grateful for those in my life today and very grateful for those in my memories.

Love Always


  1. Memories are what sustains us through our years
    Kim...I make sure I recall as many as I can..Even cooking my first turkey! LOL!! love your 'Letters from the Shore'
    Happy New Year my friend...
    Shirley and Cupid..