Friday, December 3, 2010

Things that I Love

I Love

Holding my  husband's hand when we go for a walk 
a pot of Darjeeling tea
listening to Mozart
making bread
hot chocolate topped with whipped cream
putting up the Christmas tree
talking to my best girlfriend on the phone
skating on a frozen pond
watching the snowflakes gently fall
having warm boots on my feet when it is cold outside
relaxing in the Jacuzzi
having my cats beside me
being complimented by my husband
Christmas dinner with family
lights on all the neighbours' homes
setting the table for a meal
sharing a steaming bowl of soup
watching the stars twinkle in the sky
giving tea parties
writing letters
candles everywhere
the smell of roses
warm wood floors
shortbread cookies
down comforters and feather pillows
baked squash
the lake even when it is cold and green
pretty dishes
teacups with roses on them
flannel sheets
long winter coats and silk scarves
the sound of the church bells on Sunday morning
vintage hankerchiefs
Chandeliers with crystals
Victoria Magazine
Catherine Klein's Rose Paintings
shopping at second hand stores
manners and respect
vintage table linens
Edwardian clothing

Love Always,

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