Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cats, Cats and More Cats

     The sun has appeared again. A promise of warmer temperatures from the weather man has not materialized and I am anxious to get out in the yard and clean things up. I need to buy all new garden tools this year. All I have are a pair of garden gloves. I need a shovel, pruning shears, garden hose, rakes and something that will cut the suckers off the big maples.
     I have been watching the squirrels digging in the grass. They are looking for their treasure buried last year before all of the leaves fell. It is very quiet at the moment. I have not seen the Starlings at their nest this morning. There is a little grey cat that has befriended us. He comes every morning and sits on the porch waiting for somebody to notice him. Our cats don't seem to mind, they actually play with him through the glass.                                            
     I named him Smokey. He is a compact little cat with lovely green eyes. We think that Smokey is a male, but we are not really sure. He meows at us and rubs against the window pane but if you try to get close he scurries down the property line to the back street. Our cats don't go outside. Perhaps Smokey will be friendlier as time passes and he gets to know all of us better.
Love Always Kim

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