Monday, March 15, 2010

Sand and Water

     The sun is shining today and it puts smiles on everyone's faces. I walked on the beach. There are only a few patches of snow close to the shore. The seagulls must be nesting close to the shore. Their noise was unmistakable. Some of the sand is dry already.
     The Starlings are still busy flying in and out of their tree. The buds are on the trees. I look forward to their presence. Our yard has big old trees on both sides forming a lush green umbrella. It is perfect on a hot summer day.
     Our pour little kitten Eva is in heat right now. I feel for her but there is nothing I can do for her. Our other two cats Chubby and Rudy don't understand why she makes such strange noises.
      The street sweeper has been out today trying to wash away all the remains of our winter. We have two rivers here and they meet in the middle of town. The rivers levels are so high. We lost all of our snow in just one week. When you stand on the bridge on main street the dam is covered by all the rushing water. We could use a little rain to wash away the rest of the dirt and I am sure it will come.
Love Always Kim

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