Saturday, June 22, 2013

Antique Images Friday Linky Party

I am so pleased to be able to take part in Antique Images Friday Linky Party. It is wonderful to be part of a community that puts kindness, caring and support at the top of their list. I have never met a nicer bunch of women. There are so many things that one can be involved in these days but having all the images at hand from Carolyn at Antique Images and the many others that are willing to share their passion and treasures is incredible.
 I love pink, tea, teacups, antique furniture, roses oh, I love roses, Victorian and Vintage images. I love to write and create stationery and cards to give to friends and family. Being part of this community has allowed me to surround myself with all of these things and more. Friendship is a precious gift and I am blessed to have this as well. Nowhere can you meet like minded individuals each with their own talents that are willing to share.
I am proud to be part of your Friday Linky Party Carolyn. Thank you so much.
I love these little birds with the flowers and the scene in the background. I think that it looks so pretty framed. You could use this as a card, or a label or as a header for stationery. This is my contribution to Carolyn's first Linky party.

Love Always,

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  1. Thank you so much, Kim, for being a part of my link party! Your image is so wonderful! You're incredibly talented, and I'm so happy that you've shared your inspiration with all of us :-) I'm really excited to be starting my own link party. It's so much fun! Thank you for your kind words. I'm truly grateful to be a part of this community and having lovely, beautiful friends like you. And, you so very welcome :-)