Monday, April 30, 2012

My Cottage Dream House

source unknown

     Sometimes you find something and you just know you were meant to see it. That happened when I found this picture. When I was young I dreamed of having a home and decorating it to suite my taste. I could see in my mind the house, the fence and all the pretty flowers growing in my garden.
     I have always loved roses especially pink ones; the paler the better. I wouldn't pass up a rose of another colour but pink ones are my favourite. I have a large file of inspiration pictures and I keep finding things that I love. I always try to write what I love about a certain picture for future reference. 
     This past weekend Connie at Living Beautifully posted a picture of a gorgeous little cottage. All it said about the house was Fig Tree Cottage.
     So I googled it and found there were many Fig Tree Cottages but this one is in Australia and you can stay there. So this picture is now in my file.

     Just is case you love roses as much as I do here are a few more pictures for you.

Vintage Rose Image

David Austen Pink Roses
source unknown

Victorian Rose Card

Pink Roses 
source unknown

Love Always,


  1. Oh yes, to have this cottage to call home would be a special place for dreaming! As much as I love my home, I would love this too! Very pretty. And who could Not love a rose?
    Happy May Day...

  2. HPS!

    And hello from Toronto! :o) Love roses as much as you! Lovely images.


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  4. This little cottage looks adorable and I think of it as a wonderful place to hold special gatherings. It may look small, but it has a homey appeal to me. It’s very ideal for people who want to have a simple and relaxed life. :)

    Nannie Toller

  5. Wow, a cottage to dream for! The little house is lovely, and the roses definitely made it more stunning. I wonder how it looks like from the inside. The place is surreal and looks like it was cut straight from a fairy tale book. Levi Ervin

  6. This house reminds me of the seven dwarves’ house in Snow White. And like a fairy tale, it's dreamy and romantic too! Levi, I'm sure the inside is just as lovely as the outside. =)

    Sara Owens