Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Blue Heaven

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     We have an attic in our home. We had the insulation installed and now we are just waiting to have the drywall done. I have been trying to figure out how to put the room to good use. We have to use some of it for storage. You know things like Christmas decorations, out of season clothes, lamps that I haven't found a home for as yet. I found this picture and I fell in love with it. Blue is my favourite colour. I love mahogany furniture and I have a beautiful writing desk that I need to refinish. I also have a lamp similar to the one on the desk. This is perfect inspiration for a room that I can call my own.
     I have a small wooden chair that fits my desk; perhaps I will paint it blue. I am going to move our loveseat from the living room to the attic so I will have a comfortable place to sit. I will blog, drink tea, daydream and maybe entertain my friends. It will be fun to make my dream come true.

Love Always,

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