Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Drive to London

Last week we had to drive to London, Ontario. My father had an appointment at one of the hospitals. It took us just over 3 hours to get there. The drive is long and through an unusually flat expanse of farm land. There were fields of corn, canola and soya beans. On the way we were treated to the sight of a Doe and her fawn. They were standing on a patch of grass at the side of the highway in a small clearing. It was a beautiful sight and the Doe was so graceful as she and the fawn headed toward the safety of the trees.
The next thing I spotted was a Kingfisher. He was so pretty with his blue and white chest and his blue head comb. On the way back home I saw another one. He was on a wire over a small stream and I am sure he was waiting for a fish.
We were almost home when we spotted a young Wild Turkey. He wasn't very big. He was standing all alone which is unusual. We usually see large numbers of them in the farmer's fields looking for something to eat.  I once had to stop on the highway to let a whole flock of them cross the road.
You never know what you will see if you keep yours eyes open. Have a good weekend all.

Love Always,



  1. I'm glad you came across my blog, as we do have much in common! Specifically good taste:) I can;t wait to look around at your blog!


  2. Hi Kim,
    Hope you are enjoying the summer. I'm doing great and right now having a little blog block!
    I'm enjoying reading blogs vs. posting. It's like a late summer book! LOL! Your drive to London looks like it has so much to see on the way. Sure must have passed the time away! Take care my friend...