Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free Dishes

I guess you can say I was in the right place at the right time. I have always managed to purchase things that I wanted second-hand at a very reasonable price but this was just amazing. There was a whole box of dishes for free. I could hardly believe my eyes. Pretty dishes with pink roses and they were all mine. I hurried back to the car with my treasure. All the way home I kept thinking how lucky I was. I had only taken a quick look at the contents before I put the box safely in my car. I arrived home and unloaded everything else. Then later when I had a few minutes I brought the box in to inspect the contents. The dishes are made by Johnson Brothers in England and the pattern is called "Rose Chintz". They have an ivory background and I have two dinner plates, three bread and butter plates, 2 creamers, a covered sugar bowl, a cereal bowl, a small oval plate, one complete cup and saucer and 6 saucers and a fruit nappy. I washed them all and put them away.
Then I got out my laptop and went to to see if I could get more pieces. They have everything that you could think of in this pattern. So if I really want more and want to pay for them I could place an order. I have purchased china and silver from them in the past. I am satisfied to use what I have at the moment. I love mixing different sets so I will come up with something that pleases me. Perhaps my pink Depression glass will look nice with it. If I only have two place settings I will be happy. You never know what might make your day.

Love Always,


  1. Oh Kim, how exciting. I would be dancing with a great find like these. And they are so pretty too! I bet the pink depression glass would be the perfect combination. How could it not?
    Hope your lucky streak continues..

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL! Great find... wow