Thursday, April 21, 2011


I did manage to find some treasures. My first stop was the Sleep Shop. It is piled almost to the rafters with stuff. You have to spend a while just looking and sorting sometimes to find just what you want. I found a lovely pink damask tablecloth. I also found at the bottom of the pile some small white napkins trimmed with pale blue. I will be able to use these for my tea parties in the garden. The tablecloth and the napkins were $5.00.
The next day I went into the Salvation Army. I purchased 3 dinner plates and 3 small side plates. They are very pretty with a garland of strawberries around the edge of each plate. The dinner plates have fruit in the center of the plate and the small side plates have strawberries. The plates cost me $1.50.
My mother gave me her Pink Depression glass dishes. I have two complete place settings with a few other pieces. I love the dishes but I did not have enough to set the table. The treasures that I found complete my dishes so that I can use them for tea. I used my grandmother's silver. It is Rogers Daffodil pattern. The wine glasses I have had for many years. They were a gift. They have a pink flower on them. So for $6.50 I have a beautiful table. Treasure hunting is so much fun. Have a beautiful day.

Love Always


  1. Sweet table the dishes. Diane

  2. hi kim, what sweet treasures you found! thanks for stopping by to say hi. Is that a susan rios painting on your header? I did an art show with her last month. Christie