Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring is here?

Well here is my little man. Isn't he cute. His name is Louis. I think he is just so sweet. See his little pink nose. When you call him he comes running and jumps up on your lap and purrs the loudest purr that you can imagine. He loves to sit with me in my chair while I am on my laptop. He can sit for quite some time and watch my fingers typing and the images changing on the screen. They he gets tired and cuddles beside my leg and has little cat dreams. You can tell that he is dreaming because his whiskers twitch and his little paws move. He is very curious as all kittens are but when I took this picture he was sitting in my pressed glass bowl in the middle of our dining room table. What a little doll he is. I love him.
I think that Spring may finally be on its way. We have had such a long, cold winter. The snow has almost dissappeared from our backyard. I can hear the birds singing in the trees when I awake in the morning. The big cats will go outside now and spend some time just breathing in the air. We will not let the kittens outside just yet. The lawn is littered with branches from our trees and everything is saturated from the snow melting. I have not seen any little flowers poking their heads from the beds. I long to be in the yard to enjoy our wonderful shady maple trees and see the lilacs blooming.
My plan for the spring clean up is to remove all the water from the pond as well as the sand. I have to be very careful because we have a number of frogs. I wouldn't want to disturb them after their long winter nap. I would like to clean around the pond and put the rocks back in their places that fell in last year. I would like to get some Hostas to plant here and there. There is a lot of shade and flowers are just out of the question.
My other plan for the spring is to clean out our garage. I will need hubby's help for this. We probably have at least one trip to the dump and one to the Salvation Army. I want to use the garage as my workshop. I have decided to paint the furniture for my breakfast room. I need a place away from all of the paws and the garage seems like a really good place to sand, repair and paint. I am looking forward to a bright and beautiful breakfast room. Who knows, perhaps when I get that furniture finished there may be a few other pieces that will need a makeover.
So I busy myself with blog land and furry creatures and baking. I love to bake. Hubby loves cinnamon buns, brownies and blueberry muffins. I love homemade bread. Santa brought me a beautiful new KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas and I am making really good use of it. I am off to make blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love Always,


  1. What a lovely post...your little man is adorable...I love the design of your blog it is lovely here...I am so glad to be one of your faithful followers...I am spending the day catching up on my blog reading...Pinkim from TrulySimplyPink

  2. Oh Kim,
    I love Louis..he's so cute and only a little lad too. He has the perfect look..make sure you get lots of photo's of his face..he's picture perfect!
    I love his white boots...

  3. Is your cute furry friend named after St Louis? Cats are so nice. We have always had . Now ours is very old but he still can be playful. Read my blog.