Friday, March 11, 2011

Remembering the Past

Here is another picture of me from times gone by. I am standing in front of grandparents couch in their living room. This was my father's home until left for the big city to make his own way in the world. I was dressed in my Sunday finest. Notice the white gloves and purse. What outfit would be complete without a hat especially for Church. I remember my grandparent's home vividly. I live a block away from the building where they lived and worked. I can see the building looking out my living room window.
My grandfather owned the general store in town. They sold groceries mainly. When I was little I remember the big candy counter. It had a large glass front and you could see all the wonderful candies inside. If I had ten cents I thought that I had the world by the tail and I had a little brown bag full of goodies to take home with me. 
Have a wonderful weekend. I hope that your memories give you a smile.

Love Always,


  1. Dear Kim,
    What a wonderful sweet picture. You sure had a big smile on your cute baby face..I love looking back at old photo's. They always bring back the best memories.

  2. Kim~Thank you for the blog love. Actually I have just recently got into playing around on the computer with the blog background. It really is not that hard once you figure it out. Once I get a little better at it...and know what I am doing...I will do a tutorial...and for sure let you know.

    I love your image from when you were younger! Wish I had that looks like something I would love to have. What a great childhood memory! I would of loved those glass jars filled with candy! I rember going to the D&C store when I was really young, and 10 cents did go a long way! We also had a Farrell's. It was an ice cream shop..and when you waited in line to pay...since it was always busy..big glass jars of candy! Yum! Hugs!