Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Memories at the Shore

I know that it is not beach weather here just yet. It may not be for quite some time. I wanted to share another picture that my father sent to me recently. I am sitting on the retaining wall in front of my paternal grandparents' cottage. Behind me are the stairs wending their way in front the dining room window down to the patio where I am sitting. A few yards in front of their cottage is a large beach with soft sand to play in and the waves of Lake Huron lapping on the shore. 
I can remember being at the beach from a very early age. I used to run up and down the beach chasing the seagulls with wild abandon. Many a sand castle was made not far from where I sat. I remember having my seventh birthday just down the road and around the corner at my maternal grandparents' cottage. I stayed in their cottage with them or with my parents many times over the years.
One summer my brother and I boarded the train in Toronto. We were very young. It was exciting to be on the train without our parents. My grandparents picked us up at the other end.  It was the only time I was on the train in Canada. We stayed at the cottage with them for two whole weeks. When you are a child two weeks seems like forever.
Our spring is coming very slowly and I long to spend time at the beach. We still have snow in our backyard and it is melting slowly. Perhaps this is a good thing for a lot of warm weather increases the height of the river too fast and that causes other problems. The birds are singing but they only just started. I have heard the starlings and they have returned to the nest in our tree. I heard the sparrows, the chickadees and just yesterday I heard a cardinal. It has been an extremely cold winter and I think that all of the  little birds left. Just last week a spotted a Robin. Now that is a good sign. 
I am looking forward to seeing crocuses and daffodils, I love their sunny little faces.  For those of you who are enjoying spring already consider yourself blessed. Until the weather changes here, I can dream.

Love Always,

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