Friday, February 11, 2011

Precious Gift

I bought myself a little gift. I love drinking tea. My favourite tea is Darjeeling; I have it everyday. I went to look at the gift shop we have in town. Jennifer opened her shop at the beginning of last summer. She has taken on some items on consignment. I have a collection of china teacups that I use everyday. I have one of these beautiful Old English Rose teacups. There was another one just like it sitting on the table in the front window. It belonged to my neighbour that lived across the street. Bert was a lovely lady. She died last August. I think we had similar tastes. I wanted to have something to remember her by. Jennifer wrapped it up in lots of tissue paper and  handed me the little white paper bag. What a precious gift. So now Bert's teacup sits beside mine in my china cabinet. It will stir my memories everytime I use it for tea.

Love Always,

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