Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kittens, Kittens Everywhere

Emma, Bartram and Louis  
Here are three of our kittens. They all did a very good job of posing for me. We are keeping Emma and Louis. Eva has been an excellent mother to all of them. The time has come for the kittens to move on and her to have her life back. I did not realize this but the mother cat will wean her kittens and then she will try to prepare them for the outside world. She does this by hissing and swatting at them. They have to live life on their own. This is exactly what has happened.
Rudy our two year old male tabby has decided that he will care for the kittens. He sleeps with them, plays with them, grooms them and when they cry he runs to see what the matter is. He is very loving towards them. I knew that he was an extraordinary cat because of his nature but I did not ever think he would care for the kittens. He lost his mother at three weeks of age and he and his sister were raised by the people that run our humane society. Even our oldest cat Heinrich ( we call him Chubbie because of his size ) seems to like the kittens. We are one big large happy cat family.

Emma, Bartram, Louis, Franz, Rowley and Hans   
As you can see the babies are sleeping on one chair and Eva is sleeping on the other one.
Eva (Momma)

Rudy and three kittens

Rudy and Rowley

Chubbie (Heinrich)
I hope that you enjoyed seeing our family.

Love Always,

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  1. They are soooo sweet! I would have a hard time giving any of them up..2, 2 cute..
    Yours Sincerely,