Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Relaxing Day

I have had a very relaxing day. It is very cold outside, so I have been content to be inside where it is warm and cozy. My favourite chair sits by the living room window. The sun shone all day long. It was so comforting to see after so many grey days. Our seven kittens turned seven weeks old on Friday night. They are funny little balls of fur with lots of energy and they love to play. When they get tired some of them cuddle up with me on the ottoman. 
I found this picture today while I was browsing. If I could order a bedroom this might be the one. I am going to be dreaming about this bedroom tonight. Sweet dreams to you.

Love Always,


  1. Over the top gorgeous and very romantic! Think I'll be dreaming about this dreamy bedroom too!


  2. Oooh...that's so pretty, elegant! Happy week!....Debbie

  3. Love this! It is cocoon-ish and would feel so cozy, especially in the winter. Thanks for stopping over at my blog! Cindy