Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Pink Holiday

Would you like to come on a little pink holiday with me? I love to travel. I thought I would visit some beautiful pink Victorian homes on  the eastern seaboard. Our first stop is Lake City, Florida. The Henderson House was built in 1891 and it has Queen Anne architecture. I love this pale pink colour and the porches are perfect for a cup of tea.

Our next stop is Savannah, Georgia and this gingerbread house was built in 1891. It has Queen Anne architecture. The porches on the front of this house are very secluded.

We are off to Kennebunk, Maine and the "Little House". It was built in 1875 and the architecture is Second Empire.The Carriage House is tucked to the right of the main house under the trees.

We are going to Portsmouth, New Hampshire now to visit the Webster House that was built in 1880. It has Italeante architecture. We would probably have a fantastic view from the top of this tower.

This house is called Roseland. It sits in Woodstock, Connecticut. It was built in 1846 and it is Gothic Revival architecture. This would be a great house to decorate for Halloween.

This lovely pink house sits on Perry Street in Cape May, New Jersey. It looks as if it just got a fresh coat of paint.

We finish our trip in Wellsview, New York. This spectacular Victorian has beautiful flower gardens. I see my spot on the round front porch to the left of the doorway. I think that we can smell the flowers from there.

Thank you for coming with me on this wonderful trip and we didn't even have to leave our favourite chair. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Love Always


  1. I enjoyed the trip and sure would love to park the car is any one of those driveways...Always, loved the big grand Victorians...
    I wouldnt say NO to any one of them...but, I will take the Portsmouth, thank you...

  2. Hi,
    My inlaws own the Kennebunk house. It is actually the "George Lord Little House" named after the original owner. The Lord family was prominent in the area and have several streets and points named after them. Thanks!