Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

     I saw this picture and right away I fell in love with it. It is such a delicate picture. 
     I am sitting in the yard this morning. The cats have had their run and are sitting in various spots so they can keep an eye on the squirrels. We have three black squirrels; one mother and her two babies. I have found them annoying at times. They are veracious eaters and can reek havoc on any bird feeder that their little paws cannot get into. Our neighbour has a lot of feeders in his yard and he does not like the squirrels. They have provided a lot of fun for our cats as well as us. It is interesting to watch the game but you and I both know that the squirrels will always win. 
     The rain came again yesterday. The pond was swimming in the yard. When the sun finally came out it was very humid. We have had about six blue jays in our yard for the last week. They are so regal looking but they can be very noisy. The other day I heard the nuthatches again. We were blessed with seeing two woodpeckers in the pine trees. This morning I heard the chickadees. I have not put up the feeder yet. It is for the goldfinches and the small birds only. I will have to purchase some Niger seed. I love the little finches. They will make a nice addition to our pond.

Love Always Kim

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