Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glorious Summer

     It has been a while since I have posted. We have received unusual weather lately. We have had a lot of rain. It has made it difficult to do a lot of gardening. The pond was put on hold. I have managed to get rid of a lot of the ground cover that I have been struggling with. I have had to dig down into the earth and turn it over and take the plants out with my hands. It seems to be working. 
     I have celebrated my birthday. I invited two best friends to have a pink tea party with me in the backyard. Everything was so pretty. I purchased a pink lace cloth from the closest second hand store. I put it over my white damask cloth. I used my Grandmother's dishes which are decorated with roses. I have delicate glasses with pink, blue and green accents. My one friend brought me a pink lily from her garden in a pink fairy purse filled with rose petals. My other friend brought me a single pink rose and baby's breath. It was a wonderful afternoon. We sat under the shade of our maple tree. There was a lovely breeze. It was a very memorable afternoon.
     I have been waiting patiently to clean out our garage. I want to use it as a studio. I want to paint our dining room furniture and the furniture that we use in our breakfast room. The picture above is one I found. I cannot remember where I found it. I fell in love with the picture. This is something that is doable in our dining room. I have a suite that consists of a rectangular table with one armchair and five side chairs. I have a buffet and a china cabinet. I have always wanted a circular table because I think it promotes more conversation than a large table. I will take before and after pictures and share them later with you.
     The picture below shows how I would like to decorate my breakfast room. We do not have the small side window behind the table. We do have a large window the same as in the picture that looks out onto the garden. We will be having a fireplace installed in this room soon. At the moment we have a pellet stove. It came with the house. It does not work the way that it is supposed to. I would never recommend to anyone to invest in a pellet stove after our experience this past winter.
Love Always Kim

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