Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hoping that Warm Weather Returns

     I had to share this beautiful ballerina in pink with you this morning. As I have said I love pink.Thank you Karen at the "Graphics Fairy". I am planning a pink tea party for my girlfriends. I think I will use this picture somewhere that day. She is too pretty to keep all to myself.
     We have had extremely wet weather the last couple of weeks. It rained so hard the other day that my fish pond is completely full of water again. I am going to have to start over. There was so much rain that there was a puddle extending beyond the edge of the pond into the yard. It took a day for the water to seep into the ground. The birds were having such fun in the puddles. Everything is lush and green; all of the plants are happy including the weeds.
     My lilacs are in bloom. I think that I should be able to cut some today and bring them into the house. My favourite flowers are, lilacs, lily-of-the-valley, peonies and roses. My peonies are coming up as well. I had a few lily-of-the-valley but I do not see them growing this year. I guess I will have to get more. They seem to be partial to the acid soil around the pine trees. 
     We have grey skies at the moment but they are calling for sun tomorrow. I know one thing we have had enough rain for a while. The river and the creeks are overflowing. Enjoy your weekend.

Love Always Kim

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