Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Victoria Day Weekend

     This is the first long weekend of the summer season. The beach is only 15 minutes from here and we have a steady stream of cottagers on Friday evening and Saturday morning driving through town. Our little town seems to be the hub for canoers and kayakers. At one point there were three companies offering to let you canoe or kayak down the river. 
     The Mennonites have started their farmer's market again. They bring their wares and set up behind the arena. We see them parking their horses on the street behind our house. 
     I chose this picture today because the few lily of the valley that I have just bloomed. I picked the little stems and brought them in the house. They are sitting on the table beside the loveseat. They are so fragrant and the sweet smell meets my nose every so often and triggers memories of my childhood.
     Our weather all week was wonderful and we got a lot of garden work accomplished. Today it rained first thing in the morning. I am sure the cottagers are not very happy. There is a wonderful breeze coming in the windows now. The grass is green and the leaves are covering the lawn making it our oasis. To all of you, have a good weekend.

Love Always Kim

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