Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Looking forward to Christmas

I have just spent some time cleaning the handles and pulls on my china cabinet. I don't know why I never thought of it before. Once you get one done you want to clean all the rest in a instant. Well it took some doing to get these clean. I soaked them in hot water and soap just to get the dirt off of them first and then I took the cleaner/polish to them. Oh yes and don't forget the elbow grease. There was lots of elbow grease. They look like new, they pick up the light and look so much bigger.
I have been very busy trying to get all of the boxes emptied and everything put away before Christmas. It is right around the corner. How does it creep up on us so fast?
The weather man this evening says there is a really good chance of a White Christmas due to a major storm. This is a lot different from last year. We had so much snow this time last year. In truth it is much easier to get around without the snow. The wind howls here right off of the lake and makes the cottage rattle. We do not have any snow at the moment and it has been quit mild. I guess only time will tell. 

Love Always,


  1. Wow Kim! What elbow grease can do. That it a beautiful piece of furniture. A buffet/dresser like that can work in so many ways. Storage in the dining room, living room or a large hallway. Enjoy this Christmas season. Adele

    1. Yes I love this piece. It is sitting in the kitchen now. I wanted it to look its best for Christmas and every day. Many years ago it did sit in my hallway as the dining room would only hold our table. It will give me much needed storage for my teacups and teapots and some pretty glasses and things. Merry Christmas to you.