Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Pink Tea Party

     I had my "Pink Tea Party" yesterday to celebrate love and friendship. I used my pink tablecloth with a lace cloth over top. I set the table with pretty dishes from the second hand shop, my pink Depression glass and my grandmother's silverware. I put all of my bunnies in the middle of the table. 
       We had a guest arrive at the last moment, Rudy. He did not need a place setting or teacup he was just happy to sit at the end of the table and enjoy the conversation. As you can see he just loves to have his picture taken. He is well mannered and he is always welcome at my tea party.

     We had tea and little salmon as well as cucumber tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off. We had fresh scones with homemade rhubarb jam and we had chocolate cake with chocolate icing for our dessert. Everyone was happy and content. The sun shone all day and streamed in the windows and it made for a glorious day.
     Today is a day of rest. The sun is still shining, there is no snow in the forecast and the cats are already having their naps. I am just enjoying my pot of tea. I may even have another one and enjoy the solitude a little longer. I wish you a good day!

Love Always,


  1. That is the sweetest picture of Rudy sitting on that chair. I can almost picture him saying, this is a lovely tea may I have more! LOL! so cute..your table setting is beautiful and I love your table linen! Happy Valentine's Day my friend...

  2. Hi Kim! I found you through How Sweet the Sound Pink Saturday. What a lovely table you've set and the tea sounds yummy. (

  3. Oh Rudy looks so sweet sitting there so mannerly.

  4. Just wanted to pay you a visit..hope you are well..Happy St. Patricks Day..