Saturday, November 24, 2012


At Christmas time I usually reminisce about my life. I think about the wonderful times of Christmas past. Christmas Eve is only a month away. I was taking some pictures today and when I put them into my computer I also looked at a few pictures of the kittens. They were born just before Christmas. There are 6 little kittens in the first picture; they are only a few days old. My husband has one of the kittens cradled in his hands. What a beautiful little baby. The last picture is of Rudy and Eva the momma of all of the litters. She was a wonderful mother. She is no longer with us but she lives on in our hearts.
We have received our first taste of winter. I heard the snow plow on the main street this morning very early. It is still snowing; large flakes are being tossed and swirled by the wind before they land gently on the ground. The temperature if hovering around 0 degrees Celsius so it probably won't last. Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

Love Always,

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