Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of Day

     It is Sunday morning and my most favourite time of the day. It is just around 7:00 a.m. The sun is shining through the leaves of our maple tree and all the birds are singing. They actually start to sing at 4:00 a.m. but I was fast asleep. I can hear the starlings whistling and trilling and I here a little chickadee. I heard a cardinal calling off in the distance. It seems that this morning it is too early for the insects to be flying. How nice. Chubbie loves to be in the backyard in the nice weather and sometimes he sits beside me in the other chair while I drink my tea in peace.
     We have a bullfrog in our pond and he seems to like to call out first thing in the morning or when the sun starts to set. The baby starlings have left their nest. We won't see them anymore but there will be another nest next spring. Occasionally overhead I here the sea gulls, just one or two perhaps. We have had a lot of little chipping sparrows in the yard but they do not come until mid-afternoon much to the delight of all of our cats. I am sure they like to pretend they are great hunters but in fact they only watch.
     There is a mourning dove gently cooing in the neighbour's tree. They always seem to be in pairs; it is so romantic. Right now there is a robin sifting through the leaves looking for her breakfast and a bright coloured goldfinch on his way to another feeder.
     Our neighbour rescued a baby raccoon a couple of months back; it's mother was dead. Sarah told me she fed him with a bottle. Every once in a while I can hear him; he makes a funny little sound. If you have every been around a raccoon you would recognize the sound immediately. Sarah named the raccoon Bill. What a funny name for a raccoon.
     Well I think I should get myself some breakfast and maybe another pot of tea. I wish all of you a wonderful day.

Love Always,

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