Monday, June 18, 2012

A Few Things

When I dream I always dream in colour. This picture reminds me of dreaming. 


     My father took this picture of me when I was about a year old. My mother is holding me in the back seat of the car. I must have loved pink and I still do. I have a sweater that I wear all the time that looks just like the one in the picture.

     I have been thinking about my birthday. It is just around the corner. I would like to make a pink cake just like this one. I love cake. This one is so pretty with the pink cake and white icing. The recipe calls for almond extract in the cake. Sounds so yummy.

     We have a number of farms close to us where they grow everything they sell. Right now the strawberries are in. When the farm opens where you can pick your own I want to pick some strawberries and make some jam. I have my grandmother's recipe for strawberry jam. She used to make her jam with wild strawberries. I hope my jam turns out like hers.
     I hope that everyone is having a great day.
Love Always,

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