Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colours for 2012

I found this during my internet travels. I am about to embark on decorating my living room, dining room and front hall of my home. My favourite colour is blue. There are many shades of blue and I prefer something light. These are Benjamin Moore colours. I love Benjamin Moore paint. I think that it's the best. I was a painter in another life. I painted both interiors and exteriors of homes. Benjamin Moore likes this blue (Wythe Blue) as the colour for 2012. What do you think?


  1. yes, I love soft and calming..I love BM paint too. this room looks so good..

  2. Good morning Kim,
    I took one look at your blog and I knew I wanted to follow. We have a lot in common; we are both Canadians, we both love tea, and we both love the beach. I spend most of the summer at the beach; it too is my sanctuary!
    And I can't believe the colour you have chosen for your rooms! That is very close to the shade I had painted my rooms when we first moved into our home. It is painted cream now but I've been wanting to change the living room back to a pale robin egg blue or somewhere in that colour group. I love the shade you have picked out! It is gorgeous; so soft and soothing!
    So glad you stopped by. Please join me for tea one of these days. I would love to have you. Enjoy your day.