Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Treasures

These are my new treasures. I have a second-hand store in a little town about 15 minutes from home that I frequent. I love the shop because things are reasonably priced and there always seems to be new things to look at every time I go into the store. My favourite treasures are teacups, dishes, stemware and silver. I love furniture as well but it does seem that it takes longer to find the right piece no matter what you are looking for.
First I purchased the tray; it has little flower cutouts all around the edge. I found the cream and sugar set next. They are a good size so I will be able to use the service when company comes or if I have just one friend over to share some tea. I found the teapot the last time I was in. I love the shape of the teapot. It is not a set but I love my new tea service. It took me a while to get it clean so I could share it with you.

Love Always,

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  1. Dear Kim, I just love your tea set. If I lived in Canada I would come for tea! Yup, I would invite myself as I know we would be good friends. I would be happy to bring the scones! Enjoy your tea set...