Monday, June 27, 2011

Kittens and Refinishing Furniture

Here is one of our new kittens. He decided one morning that he would hop up on my tea tray and sit a while. I quickly grabbed the camera from the desk and took a few pictures. Isn't he cute? He has the quietest little meow I have every heard. It is not actually a meow it is just a soft little squeak. He loves to sit on the ottoman when I have my tea in the morning or on the back of my chair nestled against my neck. Every once in a while he makes his little noise.
We seem to be getting our share of grey skies and rain. Today the sun is shining and I intend to take full advantage of it. I have been busy refinishing my dining suite that sits in our breakfast room. I have managed to sand all of the chairs; there are four. Next is the table. It is a lovely little table, almost square and it folds in half and looks like a desk. We eat most of our meals in the breakfast room when it is just the two of us. 
Oh how I have agonized over what colour I will make it. I have so many pictures in my inspiration file. My favourite colour is blue; I love how white and soft pink go so nicely with it. I want the breakfast room to be a place that is bright and cheerful. Our stereo sits in the breakfast room and I can listen to my classical cd's while I work.
I decided to paint my furniture so that even when the table is not set with a tablecloth it will still look pretty. I love to set the table with pretty linens and flowers and my grandmother's silverware. I have many beautiful things that she gave me. I have a corner china cabinet that is part of the dining suite and it houses my collection of tea cups. I have been collecting tea cups for many years. I use my china cups every day to have my tea. My husband, bless him, makes my tea every morning for me and serves it on one of our silver trays. Most of my tea cups have roses on them. My favourite tea is Estate Mim Darjeeling. It is truly the best tea I have ever had.
Well I am off to start sanding again. I hope that you enjoy your day whatever you are doing.
Love Always,

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Nice to hear from you. I'm so happy to be back on track and able to type once again. I so adore you little kitty. He looks so sweet and I can just imagine his soft little meow!
    Take care my friend,
    I'll visit's the best therapy..